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About us

Southview+Howard creates fashion-forward, versatile bow ties that can be worn to work, weddings, or a night out. By taking this traditional dress accessory and revamping it with handpicked colors and patterns, we guarantee you’ll be noticed wearing a Southview+Howard bow tie.

Southview+Howard is a creative venture of Brendan Beitler and his mother Terry Beitler. It all began with what seemed like a harmless bet Brendan made with a coworker. While working at a wealth management firm in Tampa, Brendan regularly wore bow ties and one day agreed to a bet challenging him to wear a different bow tie every day for a month. Initially this was a difficult bet to keep because his collection was small, so with assistance from Terry (an avid quilter), he began making bow ties to expand his collection. Friends and strangers alike began noticing and inquiring about his unique bow ties, and the company was born.
Founding our company in the city we love, it was important to us that everything Southview+Howard creates reflects the vibrancy and diversity of Tampa.  Each collection is named after a Tampa neighborhood, and the accessories are named for the streets found in those neighborhoods.  If you’re from here, we hope you’ll smile seeing some familiar places.  If you haven’t had the chance to visit yet, we hope you’ll be inspired to explore a bit when you come!